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Review: The Hidden Mouse

hidden mickey book

Alan Joyce, the author of Secrets of the Mouse, has just released a reference guide for Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys – The Hidden Mouse. The mouse’s hiding places are revealed in 116 information rich full-color pages featuring hundreds of photographs, helpful tips, and bonus behind-the-scenes information about dozens of rides.

The guidebook includes:

  • A comprehensive of list currently known Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Disneyland Resort Hotels, and more.
  • High-quality color photos of many Hidden Mickeys.
  • Helpful tips for locating each Hidden Mickey.
  • Behind-the-scenes information and fun facts about dozens of attractions across the Resort.

What sets this guide to Hidden Mickeys apart is the marvelous full color presentation. Many of the Hidden Mickeys have photos right in the book, so they’re easy to find when you arrive at the right spot. The other major Hidden Mickey guide makes finding the elusive marks more of a treasure hunt.

One of the strengths of the book is how easy the structure makes it to reference any ride or location across the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. The Hidden Mouse will guide you to the nearest Hidden Mickey at the Disneyland Resort Hotels, California Adventure, and Disneyland itself. Using it will add an extra layer of fun to your theme park experience. I found a few Hidden Mickeys in the guide that I had no idea even existed.

My biggest fault with Joyce’s book is that he uses a very broad definition of what constitutes a Hidden Mickey, particularly when it comes to the three circle variety. In my opinion, if the proportions aren’t correct or the ‘ears’ are not correctly aligned it’s not a Hidden Mickey. But go find them yourself and make up your own mind.

For that extra layer of fun, or just something to do while waiting in queue, bring The Hidden Mouse with you on your next trip to Walt’s original Magic Kingdom – Disneyland.

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