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Should Disney Use Pop-Up Stores?

We saw Disney Stores rise, expand rapidly, shrink, be sold off, and then reacquired by the Walt Disney Company, and recently it was announced that the stores would get a major overhaul. And bargain hunters have been happy to frequent “permanent” Disney discount outlet stores in their local shopping centers. But now there is something else happening out there, aided by the glut of empty store spaces in shopping centers – the intentionally temporary “pop-up” store. Here is a Los Angeles Times article by Andrea Chang discussing this trend.

Temporary Halloween stores have been using this tactic for years. But is it time for Disney to use it? Regular Disney Stores would be permanent in high-use markets, but Disney could use pop-up stores to augment the company’s reach.

I’m thinking it could be used to promote major film releases, and sell associated merchandise. It could also be used if a company tour of some sort comes to town – a concert by a Disney singer, for example. The big stumbling block I see is staffing – making sure any cast members would be good representatives of Disney.

What do you think?

(John here: A couple companies that specialize in moving clearance Disney theme park merchandise also do the pop-up store thing. It’s worked pretty well for them.)