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Disney Stores to launch with new concept

When The Disney Stores opened they were touted as providing a little of the Disney theme park magic in your neighborhood. Sadly, it’s been a long time since the magic has been present at many of Disney’s retail outlets.

A series of mis-steps with The Disney Store brand tarnished the magic. From too optimistic over-buildin to removing collectibles and adult clothing from the shelves, from a premature closing of  The Disney Gallery stores to licensing the stores to The Children’s Place, things went way too far away from Disney magic.

The current leader of The Disney Store, Jim Fielding, must think it went too far to ever be recovered, at least by going back to the original concept. Instead he’s heading in a brave new direction with a new themed store concept called “Imagination Park.”

I’ve heard rumors of the new concept store that was build in a Glendale warehouse. How it was going to bring the Apple store to The Disney Store. How now they were bringing the Theme park to the mall. How the Pixarian concept of story as king would be involved. But I wasn’t sure how far they planned to take it.

Today’s story in The New York Times indicates they’re planning on taking it all the way. The new stores will be built around story, interactive, and will feature the latest in retail technology, as used at the Apple stores. Everything has been built out in that proof of concept model

Wish I could some how get into the Glendale Warehouse myself. Those who have been in it tell me it’s absolutely amazing. Is it enough to revolutionize retail for The Walt Disney Company? Only time, and execution, will tell.

6 thoughts on “Disney Stores to launch with new concept”

  1. Read the article, didn’t tell us enough. Sounds great, but need more input! John what have you been told from those who have actually been there? Details, without revealing sources please. What’s the opening date for the first store so we can get the press release, look for coverage and see photos and video? Anyone know more?

  2. I’d just be happy if I could still buy Disney Dollars there again. I drove an hour and a half to our closest Disney store to buy Disney Dollars only to be told that the only way I can get them is if I called Flordia. Enough is enough already! No magic what so ever on that trip to the mall.

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  4. Hi John I am a long time Disney store fan. Sadly they just closed the store in my local Yorktowne mall In Lombard Il. when I talked to the management firm at my mall as to if we would be getting A new Disney store they said I should contact Disney and request it for consideration. Do you know who I should contact to make this suggestion? Any help would be great

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