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Around The Hub – Thursday thoughts

  • Game Informer has a 9 minute audio interview with Warren Spector, creator of the Epic Mickey game. Lots of great stuff is revealed in what is essentially the first official communication from Disney about the game.
  • ABC had to scrap some of its promotional plans for the new TV show ‘V’. Apparently dumping thousands of tons of pollutants into the air and potentially terrorizing unsuspecting city dwellers was seen as a bad move.
  • Via Animation Magazine we get to see a rare letter from Walt Disney currently up for auction. What’s interesting is how modern day intellectual property lawyers won’t even let Disney employees look at outside suggestions. Things were simpler back then for sure.
  • Disney’s purchase of the Little Einstein brand has come back to bite them. They’re now offering refunds for those ‘child development movies’ when the child movie inventor has revealed was just made up with no real science behind them. We have a few of those on our shelves.
  • The Walt Disney Studios has big plans for the the Golden Oak Ranch in Santa Clarita. They’ll be adding soundstages and support structure capable of hosting productions for film and TV concepts. This is good news for Los Angeles which has been losing production work to Canada for years now.

3 thoughts on “Around The Hub – Thursday thoughts”

  1. The Baby Einstein company published a response to the recent news reports about the refund offer. They basically say that the offer was misrepresented by the advocacy group quoted in the NYT article.

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