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Are you watching Modern Family yet?

This week’s episode of Modern Family was, in my opinion, the funniest one yet! The proud-of-his-Colombian-heritage child, Manny, wants to wear an oversized poncho to school, and his mother wants to let him, yet his stepfather (Ed O’Neill) teases him to no end. New parents Mitchell and Cameron hit their child’s head on the door frame and panic. And Phil challenges Claire to a foot race.

I don’t want to put spoilers into this blog, yet it is difficult to convey the hilarity of this show without them! The cast dynamic is excellent as is the writing. If you’re not watching Modern Family, you can watch episodes on anytime (in fact that is how I normally watch the show!). While you’re over there, make sure to check out The Middle, too!

Modern Family has not disappointed me yet and I don’t think it will anytime soon!

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