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Sharla Manglass

Disneyland Paris

We (my husband and I) were fortunate enough in November to make it to Disneyland Paris! We only got to spend 4 days there, 3 in DL and one in Paris proper, but it was such a fun time! Below are a trip report and… Read More »Disneyland Paris

Back to Modern Family

It has been quite a while since I have posted (I went to Disneyland Paris!) but I was able to watch a repeat of Modern Family tonight. I saw it when it first aired, but watching it again tonight was an unexpected treat! The test… Read More »Back to Modern Family

Are you watching Modern Family yet?

This week’s episode of Modern Family was, in my opinion, the funniest one yet! The proud-of-his-Colombian-heritage child, Manny, wants to wear an oversized poncho to school, and his mother wants to let him, yet his stepfather (Ed O’Neill) teases him to no end. New parents… Read More »Are you watching Modern Family yet?

Modern Family Revisited

It’s been several weeks since I have written about Modern Family. But the show still makes me laugh. In the most recent episode, Claire and Mitchell’s mother DeDe (Shelley Long) returns after “The Incident” as they call it. At Jay and Gloria’s wedding, DeDe got… Read More »Modern Family Revisited

Modern Family – Pilot

I’d like to welcome back Sharla to The Disney Blog. She’s doing a great job with Modern Family, but I’m still looking for more people to review ABC shows like Defying Gravity, Flash Forward, and V. I was given the opportunity to watch a sneak… Read More »Modern Family – Pilot

Preview: ABC’s Modern Family

I’d like to welcome Sharla Manglass who will be doing more television show reviews in the future. – Ed. The mockumentary Modern Family follows the lives of Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphy clan as they are taped for a Netherlands reality television show. TV veterans Ed O’Neill and Julie… Read More »Preview: ABC’s Modern Family