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Modern Family Revisited

It’s been several weeks since I have written about Modern Family. But the show still makes me laugh. In the most recent episode, Claire and Mitchell’s mother DeDe (Shelley Long) returns after “The Incident” as they call it. At Jay and Gloria’s wedding, DeDe got very drunk and caused a large scene, ruining the wedding. DeDe came back into town to ask for forgiveness so that she could move on with her life.

What I like best about Modern Family is not necessarily the main plot. While I enjoyed Shelley Long’s character and her storyline, it’s the small things that really had me laughing. Young Manny’s debonair attitude is just hilarious. This week he went to his first slumber party, and, while he got teased by his friends, it only made him try harder (even though he did get in his revenge).

The character development of this show is what keeps getting better. As we get to know everyone, we learn what makes them tick, and their little idiosyncrasies are funnier every week. I continue to enjoy this new comedy as well as The Middle, another surprising hit for ABC. I hope they stay around!

Editors Note: Modern Family, The Middle, and CougarTown all got picked up for a full season by ABC.