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Preview: ABC’s Modern Family

I’d like to welcome Sharla Manglass who will be doing more television show reviews in the future. – Ed.

The mockumentary Modern Family follows the lives of Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphy clan as they are taped for a Netherlands reality television show. TV veterans Ed O’Neill and Julie Bowen lead this promising cast and family of misfits, including a geeky father, a gay couple, and a young trophy wife.

While the cast is promising, I have doubts my about this show. A gay couple adopting a child, a father of surly teens trying to be cool and a man marrying a woman 20 years his junior are nothing new to television.

The previews, however, look really funny, and the mockumentary aspect gives the show a feeling of The Office or The Comeback. Though the bits may be tried and true, I am eagerly awaiting Ed O’Neill’s take on a surly old man and how this show will do with the mockumentary. I plan on watching because it just looks funny. The few previews I have seen made me laugh each time. As an example, Phil, the father of teenagers, does a dance to High School Musical song, and that cracks me up.

ABC has disappointed me lately with the cancellations of shows that I really enjoyed, such as Eli Stone and The Goode Family. I have high hopes for Modern Family, and it looks to me like it will be one of the best new shows in the fall. We’ll see on September 23.