Preview: ABC’s Modern Family

I’d like to welcome Sharla Manglass who will be doing more television show reviews in the future. – Ed.

The mockumentary Modern Family follows the lives of Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphy clan as they are taped for a Netherlands reality television show. TV veterans Ed O’Neill and Julie Bowen lead this promising cast and family of misfits, including a geeky father, a gay couple, and a young trophy wife.

While the cast is promising, I have doubts my about this show. A gay couple adopting a child, a father of surly teens trying to be cool and a man marrying a woman 20 years his junior are nothing new to television.

The previews, however, look really funny, and the mockumentary aspect gives the show a feeling of The Office or The Comeback. Though the bits may be tried and true, I am eagerly awaiting Ed O’Neill’s take on a surly old man and how this show will do with the mockumentary. I plan on watching because it just looks funny. The few previews I have seen made me laugh each time. As an example, Phil, the father of teenagers, does a dance to High School Musical song, and that cracks me up.

ABC has disappointed me lately with the cancellations of shows that I really enjoyed, such as Eli Stone and The Goode Family. I have high hopes for Modern Family, and it looks to me like it will be one of the best new shows in the fall. We’ll see on September 23.

One thought on “Preview: ABC’s Modern Family

  1. Cameron

    I don’t watch much TV, but I was able to stream the entire pilot episode, and it was terrific.

    Apparently my name was put on a mailing list after leaving adoring comments regarding model/actress Sofia Vergara on some website associated with ABC.
    Then last week I got an email with a link and password allowing me to view the episode.

    I like the shows intelligent writing and merciful LACK of a laugh track. The cast is excellent; yes, the character types are familiar, but they’re combined in original ways. It’s great to see Ed O’Neil back. And Ms Vergara plays his younger wife in a role that again is a bit stereotyped, but it suits her broad comic acting style.

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