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EARTH coming soon on DVD & Blu-ray

EARTH, the beautiful and powerful documentary released by DisneyNature earlier this year, is coming to DVD and Blu-ray. Here at The Disney Blog we’ve been given two copies to give away. See below for details on how to enter the drawing.


On September 1, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases EARTH on Blu-ray and DVD! This trio of unforgettable stories is woven together by award-winning filmmakers Alistair Fothegrill (“The Blue Planet) and Mark Linfield (“Planet Earth”), and narrated by Academy Award-winner James Earl Jones. In Blu-ray, the film gives audiences an unmatched opportunity to view its dizzying aerial photography, epic backdrops and rare footage of land, sea and air in astonishing high definition. Bonus material includes a making-of featurette and more.

A large part of Walt Disney’s legacy is his love of the outdoors. You see it in the true life adventure series, the parks, and ultimately in his plans for EPCOT. My hope is that the new Disneynature label will return to this legacy in full. To win a copy of Earth (the DVD version) leave a comment on this post with your idea for what you’d like to see from the Disneynature label in the future. Specific answers with a focus on Walt’s legacy will get extra weight. Make sure to provide a valid email address! Delivery only to US addresses. A winner will be chosen September 4th at Noon eastern.

After the jump you can check out a preview of one of the DVD’s bonus features – Aerial Shots and get more DVD details:

Available in a single-disc DVD or two-disc Blu-ray Hi-Def/DVD Combo Pack, Earth includes bonus features that offer viewers an in-depth look at the making of the film and an opportunity to learn more about our planet and its myriad fascinating inhabitants. In Blu-ray, the film gives audiences an unmatched opportunity to view its dizzying aerial photography, epic backdrops and rare footage of land, sea and air in astonishing high definition.

Bonus Features for Earth
Both Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD include:
• Earth Diaries — The making of Disneynature’s first feature film

Exclusive Blu-ray Hi-Def bonus features take audiences deeper into the fascinating mysteries of Earth, including:

• Filmmaker’s Annotations — An in-movie experience with pop up facts

In the Arctic, a mother polar bear trailed by her two cubs searches for food as their icy hunting grounds melt away. A herd of African elephants slowly traverses the arid Kalahari Desert toward the water-rich Okavango Delta. A humpback whale and her calf make a 4,000-mile journey in an epic migration that takes them from tropical waters all the way to Antarctica. Remarkable high-definition footage follows these creatures and more to places human beings rarely see, capturing unique worlds populated by Mandarin ducks and birds of paradise, as well as a pride of lions and a vast caribou herd. Filled with surprising facts and extraordinary images, Earth is a dazzling portrait of life on our planet.

25 thoughts on “EARTH coming soon on DVD & Blu-ray”

  1. I would love to see a movie on new animal life-animal babies. I am a teacher and my students love to watch movies focusing on animal babies.

  2. Marc-André Archambault

    I think Walt Disney alway wanted to incorporate nature into all of his realisation. You could see it, into all of his movie, but mostly in Walt Disney World. For exemple, The Jungle Cruise, wich was one of the favorites rides from Walt Himself. And then, later on they made this legacy of his even bigger, with Animal Kingdom.

    I would have to see the brand of Disney Nature, to show us the differents thematiques that have been covered in disney. Exemple, a documentary about the differents thing you can see in the jungle cruise. And see what it is like in real life.

    I know Animal Kingdom is trying to do that, and do it very well actually. But there is nothing better than to see the wildlife directly capture as it is.

    So, to end this long comments. I would love to see more from Disney nature, that would show us about the differents species that we can see in disney.
    And maybe, even, why not, a documentary about how Animal Kingdom is working and how Disney itself is trying to help nature, the way they can.


  3. I’d love a movie about primates. I adore monkeys and gorillas (they’re my favorite primates), but I think that it’d be interesting and really educational, especially for those who call all primates “monkeys”! A great bonus feature for the DVD or Blu-ray would be a look at Disney’s history with primates in their films, from “The Jungle Book” to “The Barefoot Executuve”, “Moon Pilot”, “Monkeys, Go Home”!, etc.!

  4. They should do a film celebrating the natural life cycles of the animals that insired the classic disney characters. They tend to anthromorphise the animals in these films so they can follow a mouse pair, a duck pair, etc. They can also refer to them as Donald and daisy, etc. I think that would connect well with both kids and adults that love disney. It would also explore and explain more about typically overlooked animals in this sort of film genre.

  5. The importance of DisneyNature lies not only in helping educate families about the planet, but also their place in it. When I watched True-Life Adventures as a child, it was with a sense of wonderment that these deserts or jungles were part of our world. I didn’t understand how they related to my existence in the suburbs. For that reason, following Earth and next year’s Oceans, I would like to see a film that focuses on the element of nature often overlooked in nature films: People. The film should look at how humanity fits into the big picture. It could showcase the many cultures across the globe that make this “a small world after all.”

  6. I am thinking that a movie about Everst or other mountain ranges would be cool. You could play the whole Yetti thing to make it entertaining and adventures but still infromational nad educational. Plus it would go well with the ride in animal kingdom.

    Now that I’m thinking about this maybe doing a series on the different parts of the Animal Kingdom. The park was obviously built based on the love of nature and animals so it would be a fit to tie in the nature shows with the park. It would be intereting to see Africa, Asia, and even a history of the dinosaurs.

  7. I loved DisneyNature’s Earth. It took full advantage of the majesty of the big screen and highlighted the entire planet instead of one small piece as True-Life Adventures often did. I also look forward to seeing Oceans. Thematically, the next film after that should be Skies. It makes sense that Disney keep the scope large so that the world as a whole is showcased. Skies could focus not only on birds, but also on mountain peaks, wind patterns, and storms. Skies are as essential to our environment as the land or oceans.

  8. Ever since I was a little boy, the “True Life Adventure” series fascinated me. Wrapped in my favorite pair of comfy pajamas, watching some of them unfold before me on “The Wonderful World of Disney” on NBC, it reminded me of bringing school (which was my favorite place) into my house. Disney managed to take what could have been rather dry topics, and make them come alive, as you laughed and sometimes cried with the stories. I would love to see DisneyNature reflect back on Walt’s initial foray into this genre by revisiting some of these old classics, and updating them.

    What if they went back to Seal Island, and showed some of it “then”, and showed it “now”. The comparison would be fascinating, environmental issues, global warming, and species impact could be explored. DisneyNature could revisit several of the older films, which would be a nostalgic ride for the Baby Boomers (and the Xers like me!), while bringing in an entirely new audience, with new technology, honoring Walt’s constant striving for what’s next and what’s new.

  9. I’ve always been fascinated by our oceans and always enjoy learning about the watery frontier that is relatively still unexplored. The LivingSeas has some amazing features within itself and I’m glad to see it drawing more crowds with Nemo. I’d like to learn more about how Disney supports our oceans, the life within them, and perhaps some opportunities to help with keeping them clean, whilst we learn from them. There’s so much imagination that is spawned from this realm. I’m thinking back to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride that is no more and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, yet now we have The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Atlantis. The giant squid at the end of the 20,000 Leagues attraction fueled my already existing fascination with giant squids. I think I was 4yrs old the first time I rode it!

  10. I think the perfect subject for a future DisneyNature production would be…

    The Grand Canyon.

    It could use today’s amazing technology to show the creation of the world wonder. The scenery, the animals, the plant life, the history, and the stories that could come to life would be exhilarating.

    It would also hearken back to the great moment in the Disneyland Railroad that showcases the Grand Canyon.

  11. I think they should do a film that celebrates and follows the life cycles of animals in which some of the classic Disney characters are based. Disney typically anthropomorphizes the animals in nature films so it would keep with the original tradition. They could follow a mice pair and referred to them as Mickey and Minnie or a Duck pair called Donald and Daisy, Etc throughout their lives and highlight how changes to their environment effect them and their offspring. This would entertain both adults and kids based on familiarly and nostalgia and hopefully more people will relate to it and absorb its conversation message. It would as give a much needed film following the lives of animals that are taken a bit for granted.

  12. Maybe Disney’s Vacation Club could actually do some Nature-themed packages, like Real jungle cruises, or sending on of the Disney Cruise ships to Antarctica…

  13. I loved the “True Life Adventures” too, but I also loved the animal-themed Disney movies such as “Charlie the Lonesome Cougar”, “Legend of Lobo” and “The Yellowstone Cubs”. I loved how the narrator (usually Rex Allen) told us what the little critters were thinking while they were getting into mischief. So gentle, low-key, and entertaining, there are not enough movies like these anymore!

  14. I’d love to see a DisneyNature labeled film focusing on the Ocean, it’s endangered animals, and what we can do to help them out. Part of this could be a featurette on the “Pacific Garbage Patch” and how trash, particularly plasics end up in the middle of the ocean. I’d want the movie to help folks realize what’s happening, and that they personally can really make a diffrence by avoiding plastc packaging, recycling, and using resuables (water bottles, shopping bags, lunch containers, etc.)

    The old disney movies with their focus on nature nurtured a lifelong love of nature for me. I fear a lot of the animals I love will not be around for my grandchild, outside of books, and a few aquariums.

  15. I would like to see a movie about how they chose WHAT animals to put in Animal Kingdom, and how they chose the different lands and such in EPCOT. Not that the latter has anything really to do with nature. But it would be nice, and it would incorporate WDW in the actual movie. Another would be a movie on all sea creatures and ONLY sea creatures.

  16. I have always loved big cats. If they were to do a documentary on all big cat species around the world I think that would be wonderful. There is so much diversity within the many cat species. They could touch on the similarities and also the very large differences of all the species.

  17. With so many Disney dogs featured in movies like Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp, The Shaggy Dog, The Sled Dogs, 101 Dalmations, Oliver and Company, Bolt, and more, a Disneynature film exploring the wonderful world of dogs would be fantastic!

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