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Travel Channel Up For Sale

I caught Joe Flint’s article in the Los Angeles Times saying that Cox Communications is looking to sell the Travel Channel for about $700 million. It is their only channel and they got it part of a deal involving Discovery.

Among those interested in the network are NBC Universal, Scripps Network and News Corp., according to news reports.

It could get interesting for Disney if NBC Universal gets it.  Right now, the channel, untied to a theme park company, features programming on the various major theme parks.  But if NBC Universal gets it, will we see less of the Disney properties?

NBC probably sees the Travel Channel as a good complement to the Weather Channel and even MSNBC.

Scripps is interested in the Travel Channel because it would dovetail with its other lifestyle networks, including the Food Network (in which Los Angeles Times parent Tribune Co. has a stake), Fine Living and Home & Garden.

Disney is not mentioned in the article, but I hope The Walt Disney Company is taking a look at it.  It would be a great outlet to feature more programming on Disney parks and resorts, the Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club, and Adventures by Disney.  If nothing else, Disney has an interest in keeping competitors like NBC Universal from minimizing Disney’s presence on the channel while playing up their own properties.

2 thoughts on “Travel Channel Up For Sale”

  1. This is veeeeeeeery interesting news to me, considering I watch very little TV except for the Travel Channel. Someone watching the channel might suspect they ARE owned by Disney, with an entire series (“Seasons of Disney”) devoted to the theme parks, and spending about 1/4 of any cruising show discussing Disney Cruise Line, even though their 2 ships represent a tiny fraction of the cruising industry. I’ll certainly miss that if it goes.

  2. I agree, I definitely think The Walt Disney Company should take a look at the Travel Channel… two main reasons (1) Great synergistic opportunities between other Disney businesses (primarily Parks & Resorts ) and (2) at a time when broadcast ad revenues are diminishing, cable networks are on fire because of the dual revenue stream – Ad revenue and Subscription fees. I think Travel Channel would fit in well with Disney Media Networks.

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