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Newly Discovered Disneyland Home Movie from 1956

Jeff Altman’s grandfather had a real enthusiasm for 16mm film. While going through some of the family film archives, Jeff discovered this incredibly colorful and clear film of Disneyland just one year after it opened. There’s even a scene of his grandmother (love her outfit) meeting Walt Disney (who appeared to be filming something in the park that day as well).

While a bit shaky at times, this is one the best videos of early Disneyland I’ve seen. Check it out.

Home Movies At Disneyland – 1956 from Jeff Altman.

10 thoughts on “Newly Discovered Disneyland Home Movie from 1956”

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  2. I have watched the film repeatedly, thrilled to have this peek into the disneyland world of 1956.

    Thanks for bringing us this fascinating glimpse of the beginning of something very special in the history of our nation.

  3. UNCLE WALT!!!!!

    Oh man, how young he looked. Oh to be there when it opened…what a wonderful memory. Thanks for posting this!

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