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Castle Episode Preview: 6-13 – Limelight

After a couple more serious episodes, it’s time for something light. (Frankly, I’m a little surprised we didn’t get a light episode in the middle since that is the usual pattern.) And light is what we are in for with this week’s Castle. The mystery… Read More »Castle Episode Preview: 6-13 – Limelight

Castle Preview: 6-12 – Deep Cover

It really does amaze me sometimes how the writers on Castle come up with some of their plots. Take this week’s episode. We’re going to start with the murder of a video store clerk. Yes, it seems a little simple for an episode of Castle,… Read More »Castle Preview: 6-12 – Deep Cover

Castle 6-11 Preview: Under Fire

Every year, Castle returns on the first Monday of January, and every year it seems so early to me. But we’re at that Monday, which means we’re back with a new mystery to solve Monday night. The mystery involves a body found in a burned… Read More »Castle 6-11 Preview: Under Fire

Castle Episode Preview 6-9 – Disciple

While the show focuses on Castle and Beckett most weeks, they do give the supporting cast a chance to shine every once in a while. This week is Lanie’s turn, and it looks to be quite suspenseful. The murder victim that starts off the episode… Read More »Castle Episode Preview 6-9 – Disciple

Episode Preview: Castle 6-8 – A Murder is Forever

Last week’s case brought Castle and Alexis back on friendly ground as they worked closely together to save an innocent man from being executed for a murder he didn’t commit. But this week Castle and Beckett are back on the case working closely together to… Read More »Episode Preview: Castle 6-8 – A Murder is Forever

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: ABC Presents

Well, hello there! I am back with a series of gift ideas for you to give the Disney fan in your life. I will separate them into various categories, with this time being ABC. Every guide will also include a Toys for Tots option, which is something that isn’t that expensive and would be great to donate this cheerful holiday season. I loved creating these last year, so I am so excited to do them earlier this year so you have a plan of action come Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



1. Songs from Scandal: Music for Gladiators~ I love “Scandal” as much as the next person…okay, maybe a little more, but one of the constant highlights of the hit show is the fantastic soundtrack that accompanies the drama. Music for Gladiators is a funky mix of 70’s hits and current day tunes and a great compilation of songs that will definitely put you in a great mood. Warning: Listening may cause you to want to don a white Burberry suit and exclaim “IT’S HANDLED!” to everyone you see.

2. “The Chew” Canvas Lunch Tote~ Originally ridiculed for replacing a beloved soap opera, “The Chew” is now a staple for the ABC Daytime line-up, a fun addition at that. This cool lunch tote is BPA-free and is a great thing to hold your new recipes that you discovered on the show.

3. “The Neighbors” Season 1 on DVD~ This is one of the best comedies on TV right now. The story of a New Jersey family moving into a suburb populated by aliens is a riot that never takes itself too seriously, constantly breaking the 4th wall and referencing itself “Can we do this quickly though, Shark Tank starts in 20 minutes.” I highly recommend gifting The Neighbors Season 1, then going over to the recipients house and binge watching it with them.
Read More »Holiday Gift Guide 2013: ABC Presents

Castle Preview: 6-7 – Like Father, Like Daughter

Things are tense right now between Castle and Alexis since Castle is treating Alexis’ current boyfriend, Pi, like a complete jerk. I won’t restart that particular fight here, but let’s just say I can see both sides in this ongoing debate. That’s why I think… Read More »Castle Preview: 6-7 – Like Father, Like Daughter