• Walt Disney World starts new marketing campaign

    It’s that time of year again. Time for Walt Disney World to roll out a new marketing campaign. “The Magic is Endless” will be the theme for Disney’s marketing efforts starting this fall and into 2017. It showcases the entire Disney World vacation experience, including what’s available beyond the theme…

  • Instapic: Cinderella Castle
    Instapic: Cinderella Castle

    from Instagram The castle is always calling me to take its picture. It’s the most photographed building in the world. Even with the holiday lights installed, it still looks beautiful.

  • Castle 6-22 Preview: Veritas
    Castle 6-22 Preview: Veritas

    With the wedding coming up for next week’s season finale, they are switching things up a bit and giving us a more serious, suspenseful episode this week on Castle. And, naturally, it ties into Beckett’s mother’s murder. Off the books and on her own time, Beckett has been doing some…

  • Castle 6-21 Preview: Law and Boarder
    Castle 6-21 Preview: Law and Boarder

    It sounds to be like we’ve got one last fun episode of Castle left before the season is over, and that episode is on Monday night. We’re going into the world of extreme sports The mystery revolves around an up-and-coming professional skateboarder who is gunned down by a mysterious motorcyclist….

  • Castle 6-20: That ’70’s Show Preview
    Castle 6-20: That ’70’s Show Preview

    We’re taking a groovy trip back in time on Monday night’s Castle. That’s right, after almost a month off, the show is back with the first of four new episodes to finish out the season. The mystery of the episode is going to revolve around a crime from the 1970’s….

  • Castle 6-19 Preview: The Greater Good
    Castle 6-19 Preview: The Greater Good

    It seems most of the people I’ve talked to did enjoy Castle’s fight with Ninjas last week. While I thought it might be funnier, I got a kick out of it. I guess we’ll see how people react this week. It’s time for Captain Gates to get some character development…

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