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Walt Disney World starts new marketing campaign


It’s that time of year again. Time for Walt Disney World to roll out a new marketing campaign. “The Magic is Endless” will be the theme for Disney’s marketing efforts starting this fall and into 2017. It showcases the entire Disney World vacation experience, including what’s available beyond the theme parks, reinforcing the idea that the magic doesn’t end when you leave the theme park gates.

You may see a commercial like this one on TV already:

Compared to some previous campaigns, that ad seems more like they’re selling the resort experience with a side of theme parks. But they did manage to squeeze in a shot of the new Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

These things are usually tested in focus groups extensively. That might explain why this particular video seems pretty bland. I did see a great effort at including a diverse set of people in the ad, which I can appreciate.

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  1. I like your quote “resort experience with a side of theme parks”.
    That’s exactly how I’ve viewed Disney for the last 9 years since joining DVC. And it really is an amazing way to enjoy your vacation.

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