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Tomorrowland entrance rocks get new paint job


The main entrance to Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland is getting some love and attention in the form of a new paint scheme on the giant rock formations that greet visitors entering from Main Street plaza. The change includes a new very blue look with hints of maroon and purple. While there’s nothing inherently futuristic about giant rock formations, at least this new color scheme gives it something of an other-worldly quality.

There’s also been a couple of other minor changes, but I’m not sure if their permanent. The islands in the middle of the moat had their palm trees and other landscaping removed. Now they’re just bare grass, and the ‘Welcome to Tomorrowland’ Chamber of Commerce sign is missing from just beyond the entrance.

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Short of bulldozing the rock formations themselves, and bringing back the original fountains (or installing something that’s actually futuristic – like giant screens ala Blade Runner), I can’t think of a better way to add some visual interest to the main entrance to Tomorrowland.

The paint job continues a general effort to add a new coat of paint to Tomorrowland attractions and return to a more retro color scheme. It’s already been applied to the Astro Orbiter, Peoplemover station, and the Carousel of Progress exterior. The transformation is expected to continue with more buildings getting new paint schemes in the months ahead.

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  1. Having not been there but seeing pictures of the new paint job and how it seems to “glow” more. Do you think they are testing paint skeems for Pandora at DAK here ??

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