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What are the best no-Fastpass required attractions at the Magic Kingdom

Many visitors to the Magic Kingdom focus on the big attractions that require a fastpass or a wait in a long standby queue to experience. These guests race from attraction to attraction trying to fit as much in to their day as they can. What those thrill seekers don’t realize is that the Magic Kingdom is best experienced at a slow pace.

Often by slowing down, you can actually do more. Jared & Molly have given their choice for the top three attractions at the Magic Kingdom that don’t required a Fastpass to enjoy with little or no wait. This gives you time to get out there and do more attractions and shows.

Check out their video and see if you agree:

If you missed that, the attractions are:

3 – Tom Sawyer Island. One of the Magic Kingdom’s largest attractions and usually its least busy. Unlike nearly every other attraction, this one leaves the exploring up to you. There are caves, bridges, and a fort to explore. You can also just pause and relax in one of the rocking chairs located around the island. Since a trip on a raft is required to visit or leave the island allow yourself a little extra time if you have to get somewhere fast.

2 – Philharmagic. This attraction has close ties to Walt Disney’s love of animation. It’s also air conditioned and, although it has a Fastpass option, you really never need it.

1 – The Peoplemover. Often the wait for this marvelous transportation system of the future is less than 15 minutes or even a walk-on. While it doesn’t actually transport you anywhere, you do get a tour of Tomorrowland and a chance to get off your feet and rest.

Yes, that’s the theme today. Three attractions with almost no wait where you can rest for a while and enjoy the day.

Which other Magic Kingdom attractions with little or no wait do you usually head to when you visit the park?

Find Jared & Molly on YouTube on their own channel Jared & Molly Vlogs or on The Disney Blog’s YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “What are the best no-Fastpass required attractions at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. Enchanted Tiki Room — a nice, air-conditioned rest during the hottest part of the day.

    People Mover — as already mentioned. Sometimes you can get a glimpse of Space Mountain when the lights are on! (Is it weird that I still call this the Wedway People Mover?)

    WDW Railroad — if my kids would let me, I’d ride this thing for hours!

    Monsters Inc Laugh Factory — the line is rarely long, and it’s a great show!

  2. It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. How could you not include Carousel of Progress. It’s my wait for the Afternoon Monsoon to end favorite. And a wonderful air conditioned napping location too

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