Celebrity Spotting: Larry The Cable Guy on Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Speedway

Celebrities in Autopia cars is a classic trope in used to promote Disney’s theme parks since Disneyland opened way back in 1955. Put Larry The Cable Guy, voice of Tow Mater – the tow truck from Pixar’s Cars films, in…

Humanoid Robot ASIMO returns to Disneyland for Autopia road trip

Disneyland has installed a new look and story for it’s classic Autopia attraction currently sponsored by Honda. The attraction now includes a story about Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot and its new robotic friend, Bird – a character created specifically for…

Jenny McCarthy and Son ride Disneyland’s Autopia

I usually don’t post too many ‘celebrity at ___’ photos, although celebrity spotting is often a fun sport at the Disney parks. But I couldn’t pass up this photo of Jenny McCarthy and her six year old son at Disneyland on the Autopia.

The moment I saw it, I instantly thought of another photo of a famous celebrity at Disneyland on a different Disneyland vehicle. Try and guess which one then click below the cut to find out if you’re right.