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Reconfigured Tomorrowland Speedway Ride-Through

Tomorrowland Speedway has reopened this weekend after getting a bit of a trim to accommodate the addition of the new TRON-themed roller coaster. The big sweeping turn section of the track closest to project had to be shortened just slightly to make room for a re-aligned pedestrian pathway and the queue and roller coaster itself.

The attraction’s color scheme also got a bit of a makeover. Gone are the checked flags and primary colors that were left over from the long gone Indianapolis 500 inspired theme, in are bright whites and turquoise fitting in with a new cleaner vision of the future.

The vehicles themselves remain largely the same. A few have been added from Tokyo Disneyland version that closed in 2017, but they’re still gas powered and make the iconic Autopia car sound as they trundle around the track.

This version is not expected to have to close again for the TRON-themed coaster construction. Even though it’s a slow-motion attraction, it’s still a big thrill for many guests who get to ‘drive a car’ for the first time in their lives right at the Magic Kingdom.

Would you like to see more updates to the Tomorrowland Speedway? Perhaps more fuel-efficient or electric cars?

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  1. I have always thought WDW would be a good testing grounds for any transportation. That’s why I’m surprised they have never done anything with their busses as far as testing hybrid or electric

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