Don't read this story if you want to be suprised by the upcoming edition of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But if you like happy sappy stories then read on. This is a good one. Disney's making the world a better place here. Sure it's only one household at a time. But you have to
While watching the video, the one memory that was brought back to life was that of Communicore. I had forgotten how fun that area was with its cheesy (but cute) touch screen computer games like the roller coaster builder and the American flag assembly line game. And SMRT-1, the talking robot! I remember the first
Stitch, the alien creature from Disney's animated feature Lilo & Stitch, is swiftly becoming the next big franchise character from Disney. He has a huge fan base. Check out this amazing lego spaceship. It has a great video game - Stitch: Experiment 626. Next up for the fluffy guy is his own attraction at Disney
Found an interesting story about one filmmakers attempt to get Disney to take on some educational documentaries. You can throw this sort of accusation at Disney all the time and some of it will stick. But not this time. Look at Disney's America's Best Teacher Awards. I think that 'edutainment', a word that strikes fear
[Ovitz] said he wasn't allowed to pursue deals that would have expanded Disney's music or books businesses or attract top creative talent to the company. He [Eisner] even nixed deals to buy a stake in the Yahoo Inc. Web portal and settle a dispute with Jeffrey Katzenberg, who went on to found Dreamworks SKG after