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Will the recent accidents, injuries, and deaths keep you away?

Disney theme parks are receiving lots of attention this summer, but not all of its due to the Happiest Celebration on Earth. A 3-month rash of injuries, accidents, and deaths has focused media attention on some of Disney’s flaws. The Orlando Sentinel doesn’t think it will affect attendance at the parks. How about you?

Will you change your travel plans or alter your visit to an amusement, water, or theme park after hearing about these problems? What do you think accounts for the apparent uptick in incidents? The comments are open!

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11 thoughts on “Will the recent accidents, injuries, and deaths keep you away?”

  1. I just wanted to say, I’ve just sat infront of my computer for an hour, reading all the bad things people have to say about Disney World, and i just want to say, shut up all of you. Out of the millions and millions of people that go Disney World every year, the chances of someone having a condition or illness that they didn’t know about are probably quite high. I have just arrived home after an amazing two weeks at Disney World and they state quite clearly on every ride who should or shouldn’t go on. It is certainly not Disney Worlds fault if someone has an illness which they are unaware of. Infact I actually think its extremely pathetic that some people focus so much of their energy on bad mouthing somewhere which brings so many different types of people joy, I think alot of people need to GET A LIFE.

  2. Certainly there has been much bad press about the accidents and deaths and why shouldn’t there be? Nobody wants to think of someone, especially a child, dying in the middle of the Happiest Place on Earth. It shatters lives and it shatters the ability for patrons of Disney to leave the problems of reality at the gate.

    We visit the DLR in CA often. If Screamin’ is up I will probably ride it. If Thunder Mtn. is up I will probably ride it. I figure it is more dangerous driving on a freeway in Southern California that it is to go on any ride.
    The events that have taken place, while most have been quite tragic, have not been the result of Disney per se. The only recent accident that could be attributed to the parks is the brake problem on Screamin’ which was more of an inconvience (no offense to the riders that day- I’m sure it was scary and uncomfortable) than anything else and probably would not have been such a big deal in the media had not the other situations already occured.

  3. My family travels to the Disney World Resort about every 3 years. We have been to many other amusement parks across the US. Disney, by far, is the safest, not only the rides, but just the ability to walk around and feel safe. People go all over the world on vacation, some dying while on vacation. People drown in Hawaii, people fall from rock climbing in Nevada and Wyoming and people die in car wrecks while in route to their vacation spots. Recently, I read that on almost every cruise someone dies – where is the continual publicity from these incidents. I think Disney is getting bad publicity – not one news article has considered the amount of people that come through Disney and the possibility that someone will die while at DWR. Not everyone dies at home or in the hospital.

  4. Actually, although I couldn’t afford the trip, my parents and youngest brother are coming home from Disney World tonight. They’ve enjoyed themselves with exception of the rain they had the past week. Does that answer your question?

  5. Disney is one of the safest places in Florida. It can be shut down and evacuated faster than any other are in Florida in case of hurricane, tornado etc. There rides are inspected more than required by law.

    If you want to start a witch hunt, go after these fire hall carnivals..

  6. I’m greatly offended that many people think that the cast members of the Disneyland Resort do not allow safety to be their first priority. Spending forty-five to sixty hours a week working, I see operations cast members (like me) make every possible effort to ensure the safety of guests and fellow cast members alike. We see hundreds of thousands of people visit our attractions daily, and spend every moment of every day ensuring that they have a safe and memorable experience. Further, we are trained about how to quickly respond to emergency situations, god forbid that such an event arises. I dislike being depicted as an uneducated, dangerous villain because of the events that have occurred in the last few months.

  7. i think disney is great is the best place in the world i ve just come back and irode the same ride twice in one day nothing is wrong with the ride

  8. I can’t believe people are just dismissing the accidents at Disneyland. I love Disneyland also, but I think some of the rides and attractions have gone over the top. I think of Disneyland more as a place for seeing characters, watching the parades and Fantasmic!, going on the old on-the-ground rides, and non-threatening simulated rides like Soaring over California. The thrill ride stuff like California Screamin and Tower of Terror would not be missed by me or my kids — the rest of it is much more magical anyway. I think they should clean up their act with these rides and stop trying to compete in the baddest, scariest rides category.

  9. Kathleen E. Fridye

    I’ve sat here and read alot of these comments. I’ve been to Disneyland many times and have loved every vacation. The majority of the injuries and deaths I heard about from Disneyland we’re people that neglected to stay seated or to keep their seat belt on, on the ride. These things that have happened have not kept me from going to Disneyland, if anyone is to blaim it’s the choice some these people have made to not follow the rules on a roller coaster. I love so many of the rides at Disneyland, going anywhere everyday is a risk you never know what can happen.

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