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Disney Reports Death to State

Disney has reported the latest death of a 12-year old girl to the state. The state agency responsible for theme parks is not expected to investigate. Here are some other incidents from Disney’s two Water Parks that have been reported in the last few years:

The most serious water-park incident reported to the state by Disney
since 2001 was in February 2003 when a 31-year-old woman fell on the
steps to a pool at Typhoon Lagoon, fractured an ankle and later died of
a pulmonary embolism.

Three other Typhoon Lagoon incident reports were filed in recent years,
including one 46-year-old male who had a stroke, according to family
members. Five incidents were recorded at Blizzard Beach, another Disney
water park, between 2001 and June 2005, according to the most recent
state records. Most of the cases involved adults with bumps and sprains
but one was an 11-year-old boy who reportedly suffered a seizure.

(via Orlando Sentinel)

Keep in mind that millions of guests visit these parks each year. To average about one trip to the hospital for serious injury or death a year is a very very low rate. The question would be is Disney really reporting all the serious accidents and how many guests leave and goto the hospital on their own without notifying Disney?