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I’m sure they were going to tell them soon

Although it is not law in the state of California, it is industry practice to consult with a roller coaster’s manufacturer before making changes to the attraction. The OC Register is reporting that Disney made changes to some brake zones on California Screamin’ three months ago and didn’t tell Intamin, the ride’s manufacturer.

"If you need heart surgery, I would say you go to a heart surgeon,"
said Sandor Kernacs, Intamin’s president. "Knott’s Berry Farm would
never modify a ride without calling us and getting approval. In the
state of New Jersey, you cannot modify a ride without the
manufacturer’s approval."

Perhaps coincidentally it was one of those same brake zones that failed and led to the accident on July 31st. Now, in Disney’s defense, although the ride was originally from Intamin, Imagineering made plenty of changes to the software, installing similar controls to the ones used on most Disney roller coasters, and the hardware before opening it to the public.

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