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Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Sky High did okay for itself at the box office this weekend earning a respectable 3rd place and $14.6 million for its debut. The film is well on its way to recouping its estimated $40 million production costs. No, it’s not a big summer hit for Disney, but it is a film you can take… Read More »Sky High, a hit for Disney?

More Disneyland Paper Models

If you haven’t visited The Disney Experience‘s celebration of Disneyland’s 50th birthday, then you’re missing out on some of the best stuff on the internet today. Take, for instance, the wealth of fun projects to do on the Ludwig Van Drake Laboratories. There are numerous paper models (A Disneyland Marquee, Sleeping Beauty Castle, a TRON… Read More »More Disneyland Paper Models

Interview with Star Disney Animator, Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja (IMDB, Wikipedia) represents the cream of the crop as far as animators are concerned. He is Disney’s nine old men (wikipedia) all rolled into one for our generation. He joined Walt Disney Feature Animation at the right time to allow him to become one of our greatest links to the wisdom of the… Read More »Interview with Star Disney Animator, Andreas Deja

Two new DVDs at the LaughingPlace Store

The LaughingPlace Store has just added two new fan created DVDs to their stock. Not sure how long one of them will be available however. The first is the excellent Adventure Through Inner Space Virtual Ride-Through DVD, a CGI Recreation of the original attraction. I give this DVD high marks and it’s a must have… Read More »Two new DVDs at the LaughingPlace Store

Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once

Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once is a repository of Mickey Mouse’s varied and many personalities as drawn by his fans (and some of his anti-fans too!). Although some of the pictures are a little adventuresome, see Sickey, I recommend you go check it out, then submit your Mickey Mouse drawing to the collection. One… Read More »Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once

Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

Hot on the heals of the Korean Disney park ‘announcement’ comes a bit of speculative news from Shanghai. The article states "the sources said the park will be four times bigger than Hong Kong’s Disneyland," which sounds like someone’s wet dreams to me. Disney Corporate claims to have very valid business reasons for building these… Read More »Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

No God in Narnia?

a film maker will usually in some way attempt to communicate the thematic or symbolic undertones of a novel he is converting- if only to prove he’s not some dumb hack. But do videogame developers share the same concerns? I mean, I’m not expecting them to put a little pointer above Aslan saying ‘Look, it’s… Read More »No God in Narnia?