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Muppets up for Webby?

Webby Nominations are out. Disney related nominees include The Muppets website has been nominated for a Webby in the celebrity/fan section (???). Themepark Insider has been nominated in the Guides/Ratings/Reviews section. ESPN for Sports. Register now to vote in the People’s Voice awards.

Off Campus at Pixar

Pixar animator Sanjay Patel, has released a wonderful book called Little India that features incredibly cute characterizations of the major Hindu deities. I can see a great ‘it’s a small world’ style attraction based on these character designs. (via)

Baby Rhino at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Walt Disney World animal care team has been excited as Kendi, a first-time mom, welcomed her new baby daughter, Kayla, to Disney’s Animal Kingdom family. LPwire reports that a baby Rhino has been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Can’t wait to see Kendi out of the savannah and will post pics as soon as… Read More »Baby Rhino at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Not Dead Yet!

Like a sleeping beauty from a Disney animated film comes the cry of ‘we’re not dead yet." The prince’s kiss this time coming from various VPs and department heads at the Mouse House who count on the Disney Magazine for free press for their upcoming releases. Jim Hill Media is on the scene with the… Read More »Not Dead Yet!

More on the end of the Disney Magazine

Although Disney Magazine made money, it was not considered a "growth" publication by the powers-that-be at Publishing. So, instead of letting it chug along being successful and turning a profit, however small, the potentially damaging and expensive decision to shut it down was reportedly made. has posted a letter that claims one more issue… Read More »More on the end of the Disney Magazine

Lost: Season Finale

Looking forward to the season finale of Lost, ABC’s smash hit? So am I. Alas our torture/pleasure will be spread out over two nights. EW reports that  the three hour episode entitled "The Exodus" (foreshadow much?) will run on May 18th and 25th with the final viewing up against the finale of the Fox hit… Read More »Lost: Season Finale

Long Live the Disney Magazine

Reading this post about the diminishing power of traditional media (via ) reminded me of the big news that Jim Hill Media broke yesterday, Disney Magazine has published its last issue (no official announcement on the website yet). Never able to recover after the end of The Magic Kingdom Club and unable to compete… Read More »Long Live the Disney Magazine