Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

Hot on the heals of the Korean Disney park ‘announcement’ comes a bit of speculative news from Shanghai. The article states "the sources said the park will be four times bigger than Hong Kong’s Disneyland," which sounds like someone’s wet dreams to me.

Disney Corporate claims to have very valid business reasons for building these mini-parks like California Adventure, Disney Studios Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. They may not be home runs, but their solid base hits for the company and with a little tweaking and some strong follow up batting (An e-ticket or two over the next 5 years) those runs will be driven in. I think it will be a long time before we see Disney swing for the fences with a mega themepark on the scale of Tokyo or Orlando’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Even the original park didn’t become a 50 attraction mega-park in its first few years. It grew, contracted, and grew again until its present form was reached.