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Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once

Test_1Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once is a repository of Mickey Mouse’s varied and many personalities as drawn by his fans (and some of his anti-fans too!).

Although some of the pictures are a little adventuresome, see Sickey, I recommend you go check it out, then submit your Mickey Mouse drawing to the collection.

One of the items is this BrickBoy Mickey Mouse. Over at the BrickBoy website you can download the plans to build your own papercraft version.

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7 thoughts on “Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once”

  1. Hi there,

    Just wanna say thanks for the review. Some visitor pointed me to your log.
    I truly like the different ways people draw mickey.
    Gonna add you to my links, allright???

  2. Hi again,

    Posting to let you know I have created a top 10 list of best rated mickeys. Users can vote on each mickey.

    @eric, that’s all an artist interpretation.


  3. I’m really upset about Mickey on the cross. I’m christian and do not think it is at all apropriate to use it, becuase it’s offensive and wrong. If you don’t know what you’re talking about (or drawing I guess) then DO NOT use Christ as something to make fun of. Take it off this site or you can guarantee I will let some people know about this.

  4. I will not remove the image unless asked to by the copyright owner. I think we have to give pretty wide berth to artwork for interpretation. As someone raise in a Christian faith myself I don’t find the image offensive at all. Rather I find it an interesting metaphor for how Mickey Mouse has been sacrificed time and time again as a cultural icon. Perhaps the figures of Mickey and Jesus have more in common then you think.

  5. I appreciate where you’re coming from but you at least need to realise that Mickey Mouse and Jesus have almost nothing in common.

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