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Two new DVDs at the LaughingPlace Store

The LaughingPlace Store has just added two new fan created DVDs to their stock. Not sure how long one of them will be available however.

The first is the excellent Adventure Through Inner Space Virtual Ride-Through DVD, a CGI Recreation of the original attraction. I give this DVD high marks and it’s a must have in the library of any fan of old-skool Disneyland or Imagineering. Like all good DVDs it comes with special features including a Commentary and Blooper real.

The second fan-created DVD is the new Disneyland – 50 Years of Magic DVD. It features:

a) Block Party Bash (from DCA) shot from the Monsters Inc float stop.
b) Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams (from Disneyland)
c) Remember… Dreams Come True (from the hub)
d) Remember… Dreams Come True (from Main St.)
e) Remember… Dreams come True (Both shows edited together)
f) Various shots of the other 50th offerings (i.e. gold ride vehicles and some of the "Happiest Faces" Mosaics)
g) Very cool memorabilia from Disneyland’s first 50 years
exhibit at the Lincoln Theater

I haven’t seen the DVD so I can’t say anything about the quality, but the LaughingPlace Store wouldn’t be selling it if they thought it was crap. These are the kinds of videos that fans want but Disney seldom provides.

Of cource, Disney may not look too fondly on their trademark and copyrights being used in this manner. So buy now before it gets pulled.

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