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Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

Cory at BoingBoing links to another story of a ‘rogue’ tour guide, this time author and Disneyland historian Dave Koenig, being asked not to give tours on Disney property. Does Disneyland really need all this bad publicity? Who is making the decisions up there, Goofy? I agree that Disney has the right to control tour… Read More »Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

Hong Kong Disneyland workers train at Disney World

For the 6 weeks that I’ve been in Orlando and frequently visit the Disney themeparks here it has been easy to notice the presense of 500 workers from Hong Kong (CNN is running a story today). They all wear a bright red ribbon beneath their nametags. The ribbon identifies them as being from Hong Kong… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland workers train at Disney World

The sad sad tale of Fred Moore, Disney Animator

Cartoonbrew linked to a few ‘found‘ drawings of Disney animator Fred Moore (animator on my favorite short in "Make Mine Music", the "All the Cats Join In" ode to swing dancing sequence.) Alas, Fred Moore’s story is a tragic one of amazing talent cut short, but his influence on the art of animation is undeniable.

Secrets of The Incredibles

Okay. You’ve owned your DVD of Pixar’s The Incredibles for a few weeks now, have watched it at least four times (onces normal, once with both commentaries, and once more to catch all the little things you missed the first three times) and nwo you are wearing a laser rut through the special features. What… Read More »Secrets of The Incredibles

Behind the Facade at Disney World

Now, when I drive down 192 heading to the Wal-Mart on 27, I see the Lodge peeking up from behind the trees. Not only is it near the property’s perimeter, but it’s within spitting distance of a gaudy neon tourist-trap strip that would make Walt spin in his cryogenic capsule. My favorite Celebration blogger, Barb,… Read More »Behind the Facade at Disney World

New Caketopper at Walt Disney World?

Lesbian Caketopper, originally uploaded by indigoskye. Not exactly sure why Disney is selling this item. It doesn’t serve a real purpose. It’s not a picture frame and not a collectible. The best I can tell is Disney has decided to come out in favor of gay marraige and has started producing these caketoppers for woman… Read More »New Caketopper at Walt Disney World?