Tom McAlpin, the No. 2 executive at Celebration-based Disney Cruise Line, has been promoted to president of the Walt Disney Co venture. McAlpin reports directly to Al Weiss, president of the Walt Disney World Resort. (OBJ) The Disney Cruise line has been one of the real successes for the company. No body can deliver the
The Vero Beach Disney Vacation club announce it's open for business (mostly) after repairing damage from Hurricane Frances. "On Monday, September 20, 2004, Disney's Vero Beach Resort will reopen after a brief closure due to the impact of Hurricane Frances, which made landfall near Vero Beach, Florida, earlier this month. While limited repair work continues
It be talk like a pirate day, it be. So in honor of this occasion I bring to you this treasure: points us to a wonderful tribute to Disneyland's Pirate fortune teller Fortune Red. Fortune Red can still be found at Disneyland, but both parks use to have larger groups of classic arcade machines.
Kevin Baxter from Themepark Insider examines Eisner's company legacy and comes up with a few ideas for the last two years of his reign... mainly follow the Oriental Land Company's lead and speand some big bucks on the parks.