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Girl dies at Typhoon Lagoon, Update

The Orlando Sentinel has updated their article with a few more details. Of course, the news isn’t any better. Disney states they are taking care of the girl’s immediate family, making flight arrangements, etc. They also claim that all procedures were followed by the cast members on the scene.

One other bit of news is that the girl who passed out after riding the Tower of Terror remains in critical condition at Celebration Hospital. That incident was almost 4 weeks ago.

From everyone here at The Disney Blog our deepest sympathies to both families.

2 thoughts on “Girl dies at Typhoon Lagoon, Update”

  1. I was in typhoon lagoon on Friday 3rd March. At about 3.45pm a wave struck a man, age 40ish. He was unconcious and didn’t look very good. The cast members revived him with electrodes, they got a pulse back and he went off to hospital. I was wondering if he was O.K. A very worried member of the public.

  2. im in shock these parks are supposed to be all fun in games not death or funerals i feel your pain to all the parents and relatives of the kids who have died these passed years my mom has died when i was only 12 years old and i miss her to this day.

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