Save the Hippos! The news that Disneyland's Jungle Cruise is getting their guns back has been making the rounds lately. Now the LA Times and the Orlando Sentinel chime in with a little more detail on the story. Apparently the guns won't be the old blank firing guns, but rather props that will cue a
CBS Marketwatch has an article with some more detail on the licensing of The Disney Store to The Children's Place chain. This is the first time I've heard that analysts blame the profit-loss on inexperience at Disney. I think they're wrong. Experience can be hired and absorbed. What got Disney Stores in trouble was the
Contract talks between Disney and it's largest union are ongoing, according to the Orlando Sentinel. This article gives a great summary of the sticky issues and how far apart the two sides are. It appears to me that the sides are closer than had been previously thought. The largest issue is health care coverage. That
An announcement was made today making official the transfer of the Disney Store name, product, and stores to The Children's Place. The licensing agreement is for an initial term of 15 years with three 10 year renewal options. The domain goes with the agreement and a payment will be made to Disney based on
The thing that struck me the most about the evening, aside from Sunday morning's hangover, was how much joy and pride the entire company took in the film. There was genuine excitement from people who didn't work on it for the people who did. The always on the ball Cartoon Brew has a summary of reports that Disneyland has raised the prices of most of their Annual Passports. Here are the current prices: Southern California Select - $99 (no change). Southern California $149 (up $20). Deluxe - $209 (up $30). Premium - $329 (up $50). This is the second raise in less than a year. There is speculation that