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It Was Walt’s World

The lasting legacy of Walt Disney is his timeless insight into the imagination of children coupled with a gift for awakening the child in the rest of us. His idealized vision of childhood and Americana still resonates with kids of all ages worldwide. This week marked the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, a marvelous invention –… Read More »It Was Walt’s World

Disney Wedding Music

Disney Weddings are quite popular for those brides and grooms who grew up watching Uncle Walt on TV. Plus there is something magical about getting married with a giant fairytale castle in the background. (Of course getting married in the park itself will set you back anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.) When you chose to… Read More »Disney Wedding Music

Take it Easy Sunday

Just surfing around the Wikipedia and found a few interesting Disney themed entries; Walt Disney World College Program – This is as good an entry on the WDWCP as I’ve read anywhere. If you’re in college and think you’d like to intern with the mouse this is a good place to start. DisneySpeak – A… Read More »Take it Easy Sunday

Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

At some point in the last few years we’ve leaped over the technological sound barrier that left 3D computer modelling solely in the hands of those who could afford the really powerful computers. We have the Adventure Through Inner Space DVD, an excellent recreation of the infamous ‘snogging’ ride. We also have the Haunted Mansion… Read More »Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

There are reports that Disney Cast Members are now searching monorails for abandoned packages. It’s nice to know they’re doing this on the monorails and, I hope, the trains/buses/boats that also transport guests around the Walt Disney World property. A few years ago I was riding the train at Disneyland and boarded an empty car… Read More »Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

Disney wins rights to distribute next Gibson film

After missing out on Mel Gibson’s $600 million dollar "The Passion of Christ" Disney has bid for and won the rights to distribute Gibsons next film, "Apocalypto". In winning the deal, Disney had to commit to stringent distribution terms. Stepping up to finance his second straight directorial effort puts Gibson is league with George Lucas,… Read More »Disney wins rights to distribute next Gibson film

LegoLand Billund, Denmark

Davin’s Legoland Blog is full of great pictures from the Billund, Denmark park. It will be interesting to see if there are any major changes to the Legoland brand now that Blackstone has bought them out. I love this use of blogger where people go in and make one-off blogs that are just trip reports… Read More »LegoLand Billund, Denmark

Disable Girl Urges Theme park Boycott

The headline for this story caught my eye: Disabled girl barred from theme park rides I remembered one woman, an annual passholder at Disneyland, who drove her motorized wheelchair recklessly, was repeatedly warned about it, then was banned for a period of time. So I thought it might be something like that. Turns out this… Read More »Disable Girl Urges Theme park Boycott