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Dark days for Disney film ahead?

As you may have heard, Disney is slowly releasing some previously shelved films. Not necessarily bad films, just films that didn’t find a good release date for whatever reason during the stew between Eisner and Miramax. The goal is to get as much from them as they can before the Weinstein brothers move on to… Read More »Dark days for Disney film ahead?

Down and Out at the Magic Kingdom: Podcast

Mark Forman is doing us all a huge favor by podcasting author Cory Doctorow‘s insta-classic award winning debut novel ‘Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom‘. Set in the future with large portions taking place at a open-source version of the Orlando area Disney theme parks, this novel deserves a spot on the shelf of… Read More »Down and Out at the Magic Kingdom: Podcast

Tom Oreb and Vintage Disney

Correction: I knew this was Ward Kimball… don’t know why I posted it as Tom Oreb… oy… my bad. Via BoingBoing we find this delicious collection of stills from Tom Oreb’s work on Mars & Beyond. To that I add this interesting tidbit for those who are venturing to Walt Disney World in the near… Read More »Tom Oreb and Vintage Disney

New Wallace & Gromit Film (Oct 05)

Don’t know how I missed this one but somehow the latest Wallace & Gromit film has completely avoided my radar screen. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (wikipedia) is due into theatres this October. It’s the latest in stop motion animation features from the excellent Aardman Studios. I have yet to be disappointed… Read More »New Wallace & Gromit Film (Oct 05)

Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Disney is about to release a new Animated Film, but it’s not from Walt Disney Feature Animation, in fact it’s not from the Walt Disney Company at all. Valiant was created by Vanguard Studios and was bought for distribution by Disney. Motley Fool thinks Disney’s strategy is a little murky with this one. I have… Read More »Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Hong Kong Disneyland (new website!) is nearing completion. Training for employees is well underway (500 have already worked at Walt Disney World and will pass that experience along), most of the tiny details that make Disney theme parks so special have been installed, and I must say the park looks great.’s "Tales from the… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Iger faces many challenges on the road ahead

The New York Times has a piece on Bob Iger, current President and future CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and the challenges he faces in the wake of Eisner’s destructive tendancies. The story lists three major hurdles for Iger: fixing the relationship with Pixar, fixing the mess in his own animation house, and shepherding overseas expansion.

I would add to that: restore the Disney Themepark Magic as the top quality destination for vacations, fix the mess left by the Disney Store debacle, make the WDC the leader in family entertainment again (movies, television programming, other venutes), and join the Web 2.0 conversation.

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SeaWorld Orlando Water Park given go-ahead

I meant to post about this the other day, but it just slid off my radar. SeaWorld has been given permission by the county to go ahead with construction on its, as yet un-named, Water Park. Nearby residents were upset at the plans to build on a piece of property a relatively short distance away.… Read More »SeaWorld Orlando Water Park given go-ahead