The NY Post reviews a new show on VH1 called "totally obsessed." The episode reviewed includes a look at George Reiger, the tattoo'd Disney fan. I've met him at a couple conventions and must say he's a great guy. Yes, he does push his obsession for all things Walt and Disney, but as this VH1
The economics of sports on Television can be very confusing. This LA Times article attempts to clear up some of the confusion surrounding Disney's ABC Network and their struggle to be profitable with Monday Night Football. The 34-year-old sports classic is ABC's most popular and longest-running prime-time program — a tradition that began in 1970
Dave has created one of the most spectacular tributes to Walt Disney World's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction. It's all the more amazing given the fact that he only went on the ride once, when he was three. Alas this attraction is now gone with no hope of ever returning to Disney World (Disneyland's
USAToday has a story on how the story of the ragtag U.S. hockey players who beat the mighty Russians at the 1980 Winter Olympics has been inspiring todays Olympic Athletes to acheive great heights. The Disney Film "Miracle" which tells the Hockey Team's story, has been a popular showing at the athlete's dorm.
Rebekah, one half of the amazing duo that runs, has posted two stories concerning her experiences with Hurricane Charley. First, a blow by blow account of what it's like to prepare for and then endure one's first hurricane. Second, a photo essay of WDW 2 days after Charley's wrath. The photo essay includes some
Orlando Rocks has become a great source for updates on all the top Orlando area attractions. They recently posted a photo essay on the next attraction to hit Disney World "Motors----- Action! Stunt Show" at Disney's MGM Studios. Looks like the show construction is nearly completion.