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Kermit turns 50

Kermit Da Frog turns 50 in September. I didn’t realize that Kermit, Jim Henson’s most famous and enduring creation, was born the same year as Disneyland. I wonder how 1955 vintage wines were? Probably pretty good.

How’s Kermit going to celebrate his birthday?

As for Kermit’s own private birthday bash? He’s unsure what to
expect, but he’s prepared for anything from that wacky Muppet menagerie
— even exotic dancers."Listen, you can send a stripper to my party if you like," he said.
"It won’t affect me because, as you can see, I am appearing naked,
which I always try to do because I’m kind of a natural guy.

Oh those wacky Muppets. Actually, this whole press release is a stunt to get you to buy The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition) DVD. But you probably wanted to buy it anyway, didn’t you? As a parent I know I plan to use it to inflict the torture of celebrity has-beens on my son.

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