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An Interactive Tour of Walt’s Apartment at Disneyland

Ocreg_waltsaptIf there’s a benefit to being the local newspaper for Disneyland, it’s that you get to report on a ton of cool stuff and get access that other reporters wouldn’t. Well, the OC Register has done it again with this Interactive Tour of Walt Disney’s Apartment at Disneyland. (Registration may be required, but it’s worth it.) I’ve been in the apartment a couple times, and this is the next best thing to being there.

The tour leaves out the bathroom, which is very tiny but has that classic late 50’s appeal, and the spot where the firepole used to run up into the room, but other than that. It’s pretty much the same tour you get when you’re there. Thanks to Disneyland, Tim O’Day (who gets my vote to be the next host of Disney’s ABC Sunday Night Movie, btw (he’s got the voice)), and the OC Register for putting this together.

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