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Decision in Ovitz case expected tomorrow

A verdict in the shareholder lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company, its board of directors, and Michael Ovitz (ex-uber agent and ignored visionairy) is expected tomorrow. In an earlier post it was hypothisized that the shareholders would lose due to Delaware’s lax laws of corporate governence.

According to a story at CBS Marketwatch:

Law professors have already made plans for an online symposium to
discuss what Chandler has to say in the Disney case, particularly about
how much attention boards of directors need to pay to the hiring, and
firing, of top executives.

The morning-after Web session will be held at, a blog hosted by University of Wisconsin Law
School Professor D. Gordon Smith and other academics.

Should be interesting either way. Let’s get this matter settled and get on with the business of restoring the glory of Walt and Roy’s vision.

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