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News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

Over at there are two recent posts that make me think we might just see a fourth Indiana Jones film in theatres before 2008. First was a link to story on Ain’t It Cool News that claims to have insider knowledge of George Lucas’ preproduction for the film. They were told to do research that would point to some timing around the ‘Young Indiana Jones’ TV series age. This could mean any number of things, but when taken together with this next post might point to another Young Indiana segment in film 4.

The second post quotes a reliable anonymous source who says that a script for the 4th episode has been well received by all parties and is nearing its final stages. After that pre-production will begin with Speilberg clearning his schedule to begin filming next year.

This also seems to imply that there is a sense of urgency to get this done. I really think the window for making this film is closing fast. Sean Connery and Harrison Ford certainly aren’t getting any younger. There also appears to be a convergence in availability by all parties involved. So that’s another good sign.

What does this mean for Disney? How about an updating of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at the MGM Studios? It could happen.

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2 thoughts on “News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?”

  1. Yup, looking even more likely now. Harrison Ford, whose recent films havnt done too well is reportedly keen to move this from pre-production, into production. I love the trilogy and think it should stay as one.

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