Peter Orrestad



Well it’s here folks! The first real trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out has just dropped today. As we learned yesterday, Inside Out will look into the minds of not only Riley but her parents as well.

This is our first real glimpse at Pixar’s new film. Up until now we have only received teaser trailers and posters. Each one telling a little bit more. This trailer does give us a tone for the film. From the looks of it, we are in for a fast paced ride as we switch between the main characters different emotions.

As was earlier revealed, each parent has their own emotional control center. The mother has a talk show in her head. The father has a military missile base inside his. What stuck out to me were the central emotions for each character. Joy, while absent, is going to be Riley’s main emotion. The parents are a little different. Sadness is at the center for mom while anger is at the center for dad. That right there is pretty telling of the state of these characters. It also gives an idea of how conflicts will unfold in the movie.


2015 is going to be a big year for Pixar. With two original movies, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, us Pixarians are in for a real treat. However, possibly the only Pixar film to overshadow these two new additions is Finding Dory.

The sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo, Finding Dory will actually not be based around a search for Dory. Instead it will focus on the search for her parents and family. This information isn’t really new. Since this film was first announced this has been public knowledge.

However, recently more information about the sequel has just recently been made known. At The Comic Con Experience in Brazil, the president of Pixar Jim Morris took a moment to give us a small tidbit of information.

It seems that the majority of the film will not actually take place in the ocean but at the Marine Biology Institute of California. It seems that was were Dory was raised and eventually released into the wild. It seems that Dory will have been living with Nemo and Marlin in their reef when on a school trip Dory attends her memory is triggered.

The Marine Biology Institute of California primary focus in the film is a rehabilitation center for marine life. This seems to me to be a tactful change from the original setting of a Marine Life Amusement Park. The setting and ending which was changed after all of the controversy created by the documentary Blackfish.

I think that we can expect a very different film from the first one, mostly because of the different groups of “tank fish”. While Finding Nemo’s tank fish sought to escape from their prison, I think we are going to see a group of fish who are pampered. They are in a rehabilitation center so while these fish are recovering they are obviously going to be getting everything they need.