Well it’s here folks! The first real trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out has just dropped today. As we learned yesterday, Inside Out will look into the minds of not only Riley but her parents as well.

This is our first real glimpse at Pixar’s new film. Up until now we have only received teaser trailers and posters. Each one telling a little bit more. This trailer does give us a tone for the film. From the looks of it, we are in for a fast paced ride as we switch between the main characters different emotions.

As was earlier revealed, each parent has their own emotional control center. The mother has a talk show in her head. The father has a military missile base inside his. What stuck out to me were the central emotions for each character. Joy, while absent, is going to be Riley’s main emotion. The parents are a little different. Sadness is at the center for mom while anger is at the center for dad. That right there is pretty telling of the state of these characters. It also gives an idea of how conflicts will unfold in the movie.

International Trailer
International Trailer

This dinner also shows us the dynamic between emotions. For Riley, without joy her emotions tend to run wild. Acting impulsively and ultimately getting her sent to her room. For mom and dad you can see how their main emotions affect their decisions. Mom’s sadness focuses on Riley, leading to a more sympathetic reaction. While Dad’s anger causes him to launch the foot *GASP*.

The last thing we really started to get from the trailer was the message that Pixar is going with in this film. That all emotions, good and bad, have their place. That when we are ruled to singularly by one, things tend to go awry. How this will be represented for me can really only mean one thing, total melt down.

Fair warning, considering the story as well as director Pete Docter (Up), prepare yourself for some serious feels coming your way.

Inside Out premieres on June 19th 2015


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