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Marshal Knight

Marshal Knight is a Disney lover, entertainment junkie, (impromptu) Country music singer and Root Beer connoisseur who really misses "Bunheads". He is very active on multiple social media sites, including twitter as @Marshal_Knight ( and Instagram as @MarshalKnight (

DHS History Lesson: It’s a Bike Helmet…


“LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!” on another DHS History Lesson. Remember, we are discussing the past at the Studios in honor of its upcoming 25th anniversary on May 1st. Now this week, we are covering one of the weirdest things Disney has ever done, Disney’s Doug LIVE!

Now, the show itself wasn’t weird, it was how they obtained the show. Now, this isn’t DHS related to begin with, but it becomes intertwined eventually. So, this animated series originally premiered in 1991 on Nickelodeon. It had Doug Funnie going through the trials and tribulations of his new school in Bluffington with his friend, Skeeter, his crush, Patti, enemy, Roger and his trusty dog, Porkchop, among others. Throughout the show, he would write in his journal, which would become the show’s narration.

Here’s the catch, Disney bought Jumbo Pictures, the creator of Doug’s production company, in 1996…which included the rights to Doug. So, in 1996, the show reappeared on ABC’s Saturday Morning, then eventually One Saturday Morning (see my love letter to that here). With the channel change came two new titles (Brand Spanking New! Doug, then Disney’s Doug), a 3 month time lapse, and updated story arcs and character designs.Read More »DHS History Lesson: It’s a Bike Helmet…

DHS History Lesson: Sounds…bad. Really bad.

Do you know what May 1st is? The 25th Anniversary of Disney-MGM Studios…er, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, of course! I did it for DCA’s reopening, then for Animal Kingdom’s 15th Anniversary, so it is only right to keep the tradition alive. Thus begins the first article… Read More »DHS History Lesson: Sounds…bad. Really bad.

ABC Mid-Season Preview: The Black Box

Since Kerry Washington is expecting and Shonda Rhimes decided a pregnant Olivia Pope is probably not the best direction to take the show in (especially with all the red wine she drinks…), Scandal will be having its finale earlier than expected this April. Instead of… Read More »ABC Mid-Season Preview: The Black Box

ABC: Your Hopes & Dreams?


It’s time for another go around on hearing your thoughts on various Disney topics. This time around, we are discussing ABC programming. For those who aren’t aware, ABC is having a tough time in the ratings department. Though they have two huge hits with Shonda Rhimes’ programs (Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy) and a claim on Friday nights with the success of Shark Tank…everything else is kind of a dud.

While some are semi-duds, like Nashville, which only has a 1.3 rating live, it boosts to over 3.0 with DVR, so I do expect it to receive a 3rd season, some are dead-on-arrival, like the mini series The Assets that was yanked off the air after 2 episodes.

Some people want to see a TGIF concept come back to Friday nights, but ABC knows they have a lock with their crazy hit Shark Tank. They make it a kind-of-sort-of TGIF with Last Man Standing and The Neighbors, but neither are doing incredibly well.

Last season, a Big Thunder Mountain show was passed on, while Lucky 7 came and went just as fast as the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness”. Their Sunday night is quickly becoming a problem as well, with Revenge being moved to the dreaded 10pm time slot and Once Upon A Time‘s ratings slipping faster than Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Read More »ABC: Your Hopes & Dreams?

“Disenchanted!” is an Princess-larious good time!

“Disenchanted!” is a cabaret-style original musical, originally created in Orlando by two former Disney World employees, that takes a look at those classic princess stories we have come to know and love…through the eyes of the ticked off princesses. The show has had various productions… Read More »“Disenchanted!” is an Princess-larious good time!

Frozen Sing Along Coming to Theaters on January 31st

This was bound to happen, was it not? Disney just announced that the box office juggernaut will be revamped in select theaters as a sing along version. The regular film will play with the words and a bouncing  snowflake accompanying them to encourage singing throughout… Read More »Frozen Sing Along Coming to Theaters on January 31st