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What’s Your Disney Side?

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Disney Parks kicked off a new campaign this week asking for people (and a few animals) to share their Disney Side—that’s your magic, your wonder. Disney invited a bunch of “Social Media All-Stars” to the Disneyland Resort in order to launch #DisneySide (see how it… Read More »What’s Your Disney Side?

Videopolis: Heather Traska Debuts New One Woman Disney Medley


As promised here’s the brand new One Woman A Capella Disney Medley Part 2 from YouTube star, and 19 year old college student, Heather Traska. As you might suspect, from the preview photos above, it has a villainy flavor, but as sweet ending.

That was pretty amazing. I hope someone at Disney Channel is watching and is able to add Traska to their pool of upcoming talented artists. With just a little promotion, I know she’ll be big.Read More »Videopolis: Heather Traska Debuts New One Woman Disney Medley

New Disney Video From Heather Traska on Thursday

When we first spotted YouTube Star Heather Traska, she had just released her “One Woman A Capella Disney Medley” Video – a 7 minute piece where she sings all the parts, wears costumes and makeup she designs herself, then edits it all together into a… Read More »New Disney Video From Heather Traska on Thursday

Videopolis: Cup Songs

Okay, so this is a thing.

I was out searching for something amazing to share as our latest Videopolis, our series featuring YouTube talent with a Disney twist, when I spotted this:

and I thought… how unique! When I thought of cup song before I usually thought of this. But then I saw on the side there were lots of other cup songs… most of them of the same song “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” A little research and I realized that this was a cover of a song from the audition scene in “Pitch Perfect” (clip here) that’s been covered over 10,000 times on Youtube so far. So I thought, if there is one Disney themed “Cup Song” there there has to be more… and I was right!Read More »Videopolis: Cup Songs

backstage at the magic kingdom

Urban Explorers Share Walt Disney World Adventures

A Florida news channel interviewed three urban explorers who have ventured into cast member only areas of Walt Disney World, sharing those adventures with other urban explorers via Youtube: Obviously, I do not support nor recommend this illegal trespassing. Anyone who does that risks arrest… Read More »Urban Explorers Share Walt Disney World Adventures