Talk of Fame Youtuber Albert Lawrence raps his way through life and displays a unique appreciation of pop culture. He’s met and rapped with some pretty big celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallow, but he recently hung out with the big cheese at Walt Disney World and rapped his way through all four parks in one day.

That’s not all Albert did, he also did some dancing with Olaf. Check them out below the jump:


A few weeks ago Walt Disney World invited a core group of YouTubers down to Orlando for the Disney Side Creator Conference. Participants were allowed to visit the parks to experience some of the magic and make a few videos that really show their Disney Side. The first of those videos has just been released and it features Sam Macaroni.

Here’s Sam Macaroni’s ‘dream’ Magic Kingdom visit:

For those not familiar with Sam Macaroni’s Youtube channel, he’s known for his use of special effects to upgrade movies to fit his own fun style, usually inserting himself into the story in some way.

His most popular video so far is a re-imagining of Star Wars with a ‘Disney’ twist. Check it out below