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Videopolis: YouTube Sensation Todrick Hall Takes on the Evolution of Disney


Todrick Hall, famous for his YouTube videos paying tribute to artists as varied as Beyonce and Pentatonix, has never hidden his love of Disney.

This month he has put out two videos paying tribute to Disney.

The first is called “Evolution of Disney,” which is a creative and fun medley of Disney hit songs from the early days to Frozen. Yes, that is Todrick in all four boxes of the video. I find his choreography in this video very creative.

The second he put out a few days later, and it’s called “Mickey Minaj.” This video seems to answer the unasked question of what would happen if Nicki Minaj sang about Disney. It’s a little risque thanks to a slightly naughty Tarzan, but is still safe for work. Definitely Disney Princesses like you’ve never seen them before:

If you want to more about Todrick, visit In the meantime, let us know what you think of Todrick’s homages to Disney in comments.

1 thought on “Videopolis: YouTube Sensation Todrick Hall Takes on the Evolution of Disney”

  1. I throughly enjoyed the first one, I think song selection really added a lot for me.
    As far as the second one I can only say I never enjoyed anything where a man dresses
    as a woman, fictional or otherwise. jerry f.

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