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Videopolis: Ukulele Disney Madness

One of the things I love about Disney fans is the variety of ways they come up with to express their passion. That’s why I created this Videopolis series for the blog. Each week we highlight different talent that we discover on YouTube. Today’s Videopolis… Read More »Videopolis: Ukulele Disney Madness

Videopolis: Theme from Haunted Mansion a la Space Mountain

Have you ever wondered what the musical theme from Disney’s Haunted Mansion but arranged in the style and structure of Michael Giacchino’s score for Space Mountain? Neither have I. Regardless, we don’t have to speculate, YouTuber Joe Cardello has posted this arrangement he calls “Grim… Read More »Videopolis: Theme from Haunted Mansion a la Space Mountain

Videopolis: Aladdin “Friend Like Me” Cover

This creative cover of “Friend Like Me” from Disney’s Aladdin features the talents of upcoming Youtube star Bri Ray. I meant to publish this yesterday on the late, great Robin William’s birthday, but a day late is better than never, right? Singer Bri Ray has… Read More »Videopolis: Aladdin “Friend Like Me” Cover