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Videopolis: Ukulele Disney Madness


One of the things I love about Disney fans is the variety of ways they come up with to express their passion. That’s why I created this Videopolis series for the blog. Each week we highlight different talent that we discover on YouTube.

Today’s Videopolis is a bit different. I’ve assembled 35+ videos of Disney fans covering a variety of Disney songs on that most classic of instruments – the Ukulele. I’ll be keeping this YouTube Playlist updated with new Disney songs performed on the Ukulele as I discover them. So subscribe to our YouTube Channel and like the playlist to be notified when more are added.

One of Disney’s most talented voice artists, Cliff Edwards, was not only the voice of Jiminy Cricket, but was well known for his recording career that often featured him on the Ukulele. So there is a strong Disney tie-in to the instrument.

There’s a wide range of talent in these videos, but there’s no denying their passion for Disney music and I think that comes through in every one of them. Some I’ve left in the playlist even though there’s a bit of talking at the front or end.

The result is the perfect soundtrack for your Thursday workday as you try and hold out for the weekend.

If you have a nomination for a future Videopolis video, drop us a line.