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That time I was a guest on The Big Fat Panda show


A huge thank you to John Panda, host of “The Big Fat Panda” show on YouTube. He first invited me on the show almost a year ago, but we were unable to get our schedules to align until now. I’m very happy we worked it out. John is a great host and we had a lot of fun, often cracking ourselves up (as you can see above).

We talked a lot about me, I’m embarrassed to say. Where I got my passion for Disney, how my Disney wife and I met, about the book I wrote. I hope to appear on a future show and discuss some fun Disney news.

There’s a lot more on the show than just me, of course. Panda covers recent event at the Magic Kingdom, some Disney Springs news, and has a great segment on Disney pets. Give it a watch:

After you’ve watched, please jump on over to YouTube, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to Panda’s channel. Thank you.

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