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Videopolis: Cup Songs

Okay, so this is a thing.

I was out searching for something amazing to share as our latest Videopolis, our series featuring YouTube talent with a Disney twist, when I spotted this:

and I thought… how unique! When I thought of cup song before I usually thought of this. But then I saw on the side there were lots of other cup songs… most of them of the same song “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” A little research and I realized that this was a cover of a song from the audition scene in “Pitch Perfect” (clip here) that’s been covered over 10,000 times on Youtube so far. So I thought, if there is one Disney themed “Cup Song” there there has to be more… and I was right!

and this:

So yeah. Disney Cup Songs are a thing. If you have one of your own, let us know if the comments below!