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Videopolis: Heather Traska Debuts New One Woman Disney Medley


As promised here’s the brand new One Woman A Capella Disney Medley Part 2 from YouTube star, and 19 year old college student, Heather Traska. As you might suspect, from the preview photos above, it has a villainy flavor, but as sweet ending.

That was pretty amazing. I hope someone at Disney Channel is watching and is able to add Traska to their pool of upcoming talented artists. With just a little promotion, I know she’ll be big.

Video Facts:

-124 days
-30 looks/characters
-15 songs
-3 weeks to edit
-recorded using Garageband
-arranged entirely by ear
-edited herself using Final Cut Express
-make up and costumes all self-made

Let’s give her a big push past 100,000 views by sharing the video far and wide.

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3 thoughts on “Videopolis: Heather Traska Debuts New One Woman Disney Medley”

  1. Absolute perfection!!! I have watched it 3 times now and shared it on facebook and twitter… GENIUS!!!

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