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What’s Your Disney Side?

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Disney Parks kicked off a new campaign this week asking for people (and a few animals) to share their Disney Side—that’s your magic, your wonder. Disney invited a bunch of “Social Media All-Stars” to the Disneyland Resort in order to launch #DisneySide (see how it just got all social media all of a sudden?)

Granted, there is a good chance you haven’t heard of all the people involved, but they pull in some big Internet traffic—collectively in the billions. THE BILLIONS. Some are huge on Vine, others on Pinterest, and then you have the YouTube set, the Twitter types, and even people that kick it old school and share their vision via the world of blogs. Together they each presented a video, song, slideshow, etc. to share their Disney Side, and it was pretty entertaining.

Here are some of my favorites:

Tiffany Alvord, the 20-year-old singing sensation with 1.6 million YouTube subscribers gave us her version of the classic “it’s a small world” (Yes, Disney likes it to be written in lowercase. It’s a small font-size after all!)


This one from Charlie Capen of really hit home with me. Being a father, and the work, and the responsibilities, and the childhood … Charlie nailed it.


And one cannot have Internet celebrity without the cat of the hour, Grumpy Cat, who said “no” to my friend request (but still let me hold her):

Grumpy Cat, Whit Honea, Disney, Disney Side, #DisneySide, photo, picObviously there are a lot more Disney Side videos to see (like the hilarious entry from Convos With My 2-Year-Old), and you can find them on the official #DisneySide website.

What’s your Disney Side?

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  1. This campaign got panned by a lot of folks when it first launched, but I thought (and think) it was a pretty good idea. You have featured a few great examples here. Love the Tiffany Alvord example.

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