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Disney Side Parody: The Wrong #DisneySide

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disney, side, disneyside, #disneyside, villain, snow white, witch, poison apple, hahas for hoohasYou may recall the awesome #DisneySide videos and other social media experiences that I shared last week, and if you don’t then go check them out because GRUMPY CAT.

Basically, the new Disney campaign asks people to show their Disney Side, and then the awesome and the magic; however, not everybody has a Disney Side that should be shared.

I’m looking at you, Disney Villains.

The comedy duo of Jessi Sanfilippo and Anna Lind Thomas from the humor site HaHas for HooHas know what I’m talking about [note – the overall site may contain humorous bits of language that is considered NSFW, but this video is PG]. They made a parody video that most of us can relate to (you know who you are).

Here’s what happens when lifelong Disney fan Jess embraces the wrong #DisneySide:

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    1. Thanks so much Mike! We really loved having the ability to seize the opportunity to have a little bit of fun with the campaign. We hope it catches on and people let their creativity soar. ;)

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