Urban Explorers Share Walt Disney World Adventures

backstage at the magic kingdom

A Florida news channel interviewed three urban explorers who have ventured into cast member only areas of Walt Disney World, sharing those adventures with other urban explorers via Youtube:

Obviously, I do not support nor recommend this illegal trespassing. Anyone who does that risks arrest and banishment from Disney property. Disney has legitimate tours and events that will take you into make of these same places (and some places even these guys can’t reach). If you have the urge to go where the average guest can’t, either get a job or take a backstage tour.

(Source: Fox4)

5 thoughts on “Urban Explorers Share Walt Disney World Adventures”

  1. “I don’t see a reason to stop, I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

    That, right there, is the problem. It’s private property, the owners of said property have told you repeatedly that you aren’t allowed to do it — yet, you think it’s ok.

    Ahh… to be young and stupid, I suppose.

    Seriously, guys – if you want backstage access, you have 2 options: 1) work for Disney or 2) pay for a tour.



  2. If a cast member were to do this, they’d be fired before you could say “Mickey Mouse” and yet the media is so hard up for stories that non-cast members like these are glorified because they “go where no one else has gone.” Shame on the news station for giving them attention and encouraging them.

  3. When did trespassing become “Urban Exploring”? So according to these guys andFox News I can enter anyone’s house and look around as long as the door is unlocked? Were do these guys live? I want to go Urban Exploring.

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