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Two New Starbucks locations being added to Disney World

Announced today by the Disney Parks Blog, the next two Starbucks locations will open in the Summer of 2013. Magic Kingdom and Epcot will be receiving these two locations. The Main Street Bakery will hold the one for the Magic Kingdom (going down for refurbishment in January until next Summer) and Fountain View will be the location for Epcot (going down for refurbishment in March until next Summer).

They have made mention that the costumes will be created to evoke their area, so Main Street and Future World can continue their specific themes. They have made mention that the Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Disneyland locations will be announced soon.

Personally, I could not be more excited! I love Starbucks, so the thought of being able to walk around the Magic Kingdom this Summer while drinking a Grande Passion Tea Lemonade Sweetened is so refreshing (pun intended). The way that they have seamlessly added a chain store into DCA was wonderful, so I am excited to see what they do in these new locations!

Are you excited for Starbucks? What are you looking forward to drinking while walking around the park? Would you have rather seen a Dunkin’ Donuts? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

12 thoughts on “Two New Starbucks locations being added to Disney World”

  1. I love Disney World. I love Starbucks. I love the idea of Starbucks in Disney parks. I hate the idea of the Main St. Bakery changing to a Starbucks location. What’s next? Changing the Main St. Barber Shop to a Mastercuts? Putting a Chuck E Cheese in the New Fantasyland? Maybe we can change the Emporium into a Walmart.

    1. That was my EXACT post on the Disney blog except I added that they also need to add a McDonalds in the park just to make it completely magical. Hate hate hate it!

      1. They did have McDonalds…I remember when I was 4, going to DAK for the first time and getting a Happy Meal with a Dinosaur squirt gun toy.

  2. I cannot believe that the coffee choice at Disney is going from bad to worse. Starbucks might have an OK caffe latte but a regular American coffee…… thanks I do not need to grow hair on my chest, and do not like the bitter aftertaste. Even their espresso is not great. I would have preferred Dunkin Donuts, but maybe they’ll surprise me and have Illy at the Italian pavilion.

  3. What it seems like, though, is that it will get the Pig Cafe treatment, where the Starbucks drinks and food items will be served along side Disney food items. This is just a prediction though…

  4. Yeah, can’t say I’m thrilled with losing the Main Street Bakery. It sounds like they’re going to focus on Starbucks food offerings.

  5. Forget Starbucks…I’d be perfectly happy if all the Nescafe machines would be replaced with actual brewed coffee, though I know that is more effort for them. I like Starbucks for it’s general consistency between locations, but the coffee from most any independent coffee house is usually better. That said, pretty much ANY brewed coffee is going to be better than 98% of the coffee served at a Disney Park (NESCAFE). I really hope that Disney does a really good job theming these locations so that it doesn’t look or feel anything like a Starbucks, which I’m hopeful they’ll do. I often took Starbucks VIA with me to Disney World, which is still better than Nescafe. My visit to Disneyland Paris surprisingly had worse coffee than the US parks, with no brewed coffee in sight other than a Starbucks (with perpetually long lines) outside the parks in their Downtown Disney area. Certainly coffee is a tiny element to my Disney experience, but important enough to be a rare disappointment.

  6. Pleased as love Starbucks Coffee especially the Latte. What with this and Wi-fi, Disney beginning to think outside the box. Just need to sort their treatment of the passengers of the Resort Hotel Buses and Bus stops then I may be impressed.
    Still won’t stop my visits though…Golly Gosh

  7. What doesn’t make sense is that this is already a highly successful location in the Magic Kingdom. There are always long lines for the fresh baked goods and the charming atmosphere. I never leave the park without picking up a few of their fresh baked toll house cookies. That is my WDW tradition. What now, lemon cake that I can get on every street corner in America. They should consider a location in Adventureland like the space where the tinker bell meet and greet is located.

    1. Problem with an Adventureland location, though, is that they want it at the front of the park. With it on Main Street, you don’t have to search for it. That is why it’s on Buena Vista Street in DCA and will be in Innoventions Plaza at Epcot.

  8. Will the bakery still be there though? I love the idea of Starbucks.
    I just hope they keep the bakery part of it.

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